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As they passed through the door, they came to a short hallway when she looked through her right eye, but an impossibly long hallway when she looked from her left. 


This also was not a bar. But here at least there were an assortment of surprisingly human-looking creatures. Some looked very lost and shuffled about; others confidently marched back and forth with little forward progress.  


“Bunch of waterwubbers” Tip Nick muttered under his breath. 



“People who came out of the water too early in their evolutionary development. Case in point, humans. Your brains evolved the ability to do logic problems and complex calculations, but you have stunted growth between your brain and your body. Half the hard things you build are excuses to make friends because your brain won't tell you straight out you need them.”


She had never thought of herself as emotionally undeveloped. But she had also blasted music in her apartment so she could meet her next-door neighbors when they came to tell her to turn it down. Perhaps Tip Nick had a point. 


“The Improbability Bar nicely provided a math problem in the layout of the hallway. You need to collaborate with others to get through in any reasonable amount of time. A hard thing to help you do an easier one, in typical waterwubber fashion."

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No tricks here! The problem above is a legitimately hard problem. The answer in the maze gives you a clue as to how to solve for the shortest pathway from door to bar. 

But, if you do not feel like doing high level math, please skip to the next section via the doorway. 

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