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To Brie, 

Or Not 

To Brie

Hiiri and Kiori give a present.png

“….where are we now?” They had come to a great yellow plane pockmarked with deep craters. 


“Millions of years before Schrödinger wondered whether his cat was dead or alive, mice wondered whether the holes in Swiss cheese were a part of the cheese, or its absence. While the mice in your world still travel through walls and pipes, most other mice choose to travel through the multi-dimensional cheese matrix.”


Hiiri tugged at her pants and offered her a glowing orb. She looked at Tip Nick to explain. 

“It’s a piece of pure decision.” 


“Is it…their poop?” 


“Well, yes, if you want to put it that way.”


She did not want to appear impolite so she took it from Hiiri’s outstretched paw. As she held the orb she felt the blissful anticipation of the morning the first time her family went skiing. There was the smell of pancakes on the griddle and the air tasted cold and electric. 


“Come along now!” Tip Nick said, and promptly disappeared into a hole. 


to brie or not to brie.png
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