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“Stay close, the timelines tend to shift rapidly here.”


They wove through the packed tables. A blue disco ball cast its light on her and she felt like she was swaddled in a comfortable blanket. The next moment the light turned red and she felt the freedom of taking off a hot coat. 


She thought back to something that bugged her, “Why were you so nice to that ogre?”

“Ah yes, poor fellow. He both decided to take the long way here and was very slow at that. By the time he gets to the battlefield he’ll be lucky to battle his opponent’s great great great grandsons. By the time he gets home the Great Wars are all over. Everyone has become accountants.”


She had been rather annoyed that he was so rude and Tip Nick so nice. In this light it seemed rather silly to stay mad at the ogre since he would be forced to do math the rest of his life. 




“Something perhaps less talkative.”

She looked to her side and saw a creature that seemed composed of that neck part of turkeys which she could never remember the word for. It gesticulated wildly at a creature composed of just an eye and a stomach so its whole body waved and bobbled with each breathe. 


Tip Nick came back with a drink that was quiet, but shifted around slightly so she could only ever be eighty percent confident that when she went to grasp it, it would actually be in her hand and not halfway across the table. 


“You ate Xertz! By the Jentacular Gods, I will have your head on my plate!” Turkey-neck garbled and brandished his sword.  


Tip Nick seemed utterly unperturbed by this outburst. 

“You shall meet your doom Halfboard in the clutch of my mighty maws! I shall stab you with your own spork and put you on Great Ovo’s Griddle!” 


She leaned towards Tip Nick, “Do we….need to be here?” 

“Only briefly. The lounge is where you find out about the more alternative timeline parties.” 


“Where I’m sitting it looks like they’re about to go to war with each other!” she hissed under her breath. 

Tip Nick did not seem perturbed by this news. Instead he seemed quite excited. 


“Switch seats.” 

When they switched she saw the same creatures now shared half a dozen joints between them. 

She rubbed her eyes, but still they were. 


“The different lights change the different timelines you see. Listen for overlaps or opposites in conversations. They’ll point to which light waves we should follow.”


She listened. 


“Do you know Xertz’s ETA? We’re playing Quark ball later and he bats a 287.”


“He swam out to Epsilon to go spork some girl. Either way, I’m more in the mood to get librated.”

“Make out any of their conversation?” 


She nodded. 


“Now we need to map the commonalities onto the light paths. The tricky bit is they may have shifted.”


She gave an emphatic nod, but did not know how one was supposed to accomplish this. 

light room.png

“Now you must decide, to war or to party?”

Part 5 of 11

Use the words each conversation has in common as the basis of a code that unlocks two different alternate adventures, the "party" or the "war"! You may need to "shift" your mindset to figure this out!

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