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They stepped out into darkness.  Mufarasek’s smile clung to the back of her shoulders and she shivered. She wondered if she had done the right thing, or simply what she wanted to be right because she hated to be impolite. 


Small lights came to life around them. She could not make out if they were photons or galaxies or fireflies.  She strained her eyes and, yes that was the lamp from her room! 

She walked in that direction, for that seemed the direction that would have the highest probability of breakfast. 


“….ruined the cheapest bar this side of the galaxy…” Tip Nick followed as he muttered to himself. 

The farther away they walked the more the Naked Singularity felt like a dream. She was sure it would all turn out for the best. 


“I know I’ve seen that name before, but I can’t place where…. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve been unknowingly outrunning the Juxtopia Group all my life.”

She nodded, but as the lamp from her room came closer, her brain had turned firmly to the more important matter at hand. 


“Pancakes or waffles?” she asked. 

End of Chapter 1 of the Uncertainty Chronicles. 

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You got to the end!!! :)

If you want to read more, please let Rachel know and she'll continue to build out the story of Tip Nick and Alex as they battle for uncertainty across the universe. And shapeshift to go to parties at the smallest of scales. 


If you didn't, please also let her know! Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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