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Tales from Kilgour Forest



Welcome to Kilgour Forest, located sometimes a few miles down the road and some paces off the beaten path. Other times, it is hidden in the recesses of your mind, to peak out in dreams and bewildered half-glances into shadows in the dusk. 


This is the story of Daniel, who thought he was taking a simple job as a forest caretaker. Unbeknown to him, he has landed in the midst of many battles, between old spirits and new, political prophecies, allies that conspire against him, and dark forces that have moved for centuries in the night. There are many things that want to escape the forest, and others that want to use the forest’s power for their own. Daniel must fight to keep the balance between these worlds, or, at the very least, keep hold of his head. 


These stories, while perhaps not real, are not wholly untrue. 

Before you is the first chapter of the Tales of Kilgour. This chapter is broken up into different pages, and spread across a forest or park. It is meant to be experienced as a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces of the tale. My goal with this is twofold. First, it is meant to be experienced out in nature so that it is infused with your own experience of the woods. Love, respect, and awe of nature is a theme that infuses this book. Secondly, reading has come to be a very lonely form of entertainment, done with books or e-books alone in one’s home. Though it is magical to escape one’s bedroom, it is also magical to read together as a way to build community. As we all experience COVID-19, there are too few opportunities for people to connect with each other. I hope this scavenger hunt story can be a way for communities to share in enjoying this fanastical world, even as we cannot be physically close together. 


If you enjoyed this story, please donate to the author at her Venmo (@Rachel-Jaffe), or to WorldReader charity, which promotes literacy across the globe. 

Want to bring the scavenger hunt to your community? Simply download the PDFS with attached QR codes, laminate, and put them around your community. Please remember to clean up after the scavenger hunt is over. :)

Please note this story is appropriate for ages 12+ 

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