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She saw a tiny bird that was small like a sparrow but brightly colored much unlike a sparrow. It sat dejectedly on the swing below Tip Nick’s chair. 


Tip Nick saw the direction of her gaze and sighed, “Ah yes, the poor Strumpiddy.”


“Is there….something wrong with it?”

“Well, in his world birds evolved to create great civilizations, and then devolved a bit and created online dating. So now the last two Strumpiddies flit around the bar texting each other, but never singing each other a love song.”


“Why that is very sad.” She bent down and scratched it under the chin, to which it cooed in contentment. 


“It was sad a hundred years ago, but they’ve now been doing this for the better part of a century. They still sometimes get free drinks though from people who have yet to see how long their ridiculousness has lasted.”

PitY the


Great job! You found a side path! 
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