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one dimensional probability index part 1

“This….is not quite a bar.” They were in a long hallway that stretched down rather than across. As she put a foot forward, it went down, so she felt like she descended a ladder with no visible rungs. 


As they walked they saw suspended in the air familiar items: a rock, a license plate, a dishtowel. Tip Nick seemed in a hurry. 

“We entered far up in the probability curve. It’ll be a while until we encounter anything interesting.”


As he said this, a spoon gave her a withering glance. "I don't like the look of this one. Sure to cause a stir!" 


“Rather full of yourself, aren’t you?” a fork jabbed his friend and waved to her as best as an animated utensil can, which is not at all well. 

She added "interesting" to the list of concepts Tip Nick and she had wildly different definitions of. 


probability index part 2.png
a jar.png

They walked further. Now more doorknobs appeared in the air with nearby placards that read the names of impossible places. Tip Nick started to get the kind of excitement that was highly infectious. 


“What exactly are we looking for?” she wondered. 


“The place where a door is not a door.”


“Ah.” His explanation was not at all useful, but he seemed decidedly confident about their direction. 


She added the concept of "addresses" to the growing list. 


Part 1 B of 11
I'm sure you will cast this mystery ajar!
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