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The Indecision Tree Mice

“This....this is not quite the bar.” 


They looked around at the dozens of brightly colored pipes around them that flashed in and out of existence. Small mice colored every shade of the rainbow chittered and squeaked their gossip about the intruders. 


“…where are we?”


“I believe we’re in your head. It seems you have an infestation of Indecision Tree Mice.”


She was not quite sure what an Indecision Tree Mouse was, but it was rather alarming to know you have goings-on in your head you did not know about. 


“How can I get rid of them?”


“Why, you should not get rid of them! The Indecision Tree Mice serve an important function in your mind. They clean up the energy you spent on not deciding on things. When they eat the old potential life paths, they poop out Potential Pellets you can use to forge new paths.”


His remarks were a lot to consume at once, but the more she turned over the thought, the funnier it became to find out her life’s potential was constrained by the appetites of these mice. I wonder if large indecisions give them indigestion?


“Alice in Wonderland.”

“What? The book?”


“Is it real?”


“Why, no of course not! There are no worlds at the bottom of rabbit holes.”

"Ah, that's it! I know I have a lower threshold popsicle somewhere...." 


He jammed his whole arm into a bag which from the outside looked no deeper than the length of his hand. 


“Here,” he handed her a cherry popsicle that was a brighter shade of red and a great deal colder.


“We can either go back and try to get in through the main entrance now, or Hiiri and Kiori here have offered to try to sneak us in the back way.” Two of the brightly colored mice had hopped off their lines and nuzzled at her pant legs. 


“Oh, that’s very nice of them.” She bent down and scratched them gently behind the ears. 


“On the contrary, they know you’re indecisive enough to contemplate each path, which means they will get a fresh snack. The greedy beggars.”


Sure enough, as she pondered which way might be best, bright little pellets came from somewhere and spread out across the ground. Hiiri and Kiori sent up a titter and happily munched away. 

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Part 1 A of 11

Which timeline will you choose? 

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