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The hall gave way to a corridor, which gave way to a pleasantly sunny office. 


A man rose out of his chair and smiled as they arrived, as if he had expected them. 


“Hello, hello, do come in. Mufarasek, at your service. Tea?”

Tip Nick said no, but the coldness of the hall made her inclined. He passed her a cup. The tea was the perfect temperature and tasted like the brand she used at home.


“The waiter told me the bar now deals in information.”

“It needs to. The last manager would order however much he felt like whenever he felt like it.”


“Seemed to work well enough.”


“It might well have, for you. It did not for him.”

“Well enough, you own the bar. But leave the payment alone. Information can be dangerous.”


“That tea,” Mufarasek turned to her, “was it good?” 



“And that was only with the information I gathered from you in the hall. Information can also be good.”


Tip Nick was silent. 


“I hope, in time, you will see that the Improbability Bar will only get better under my management.”

Musfarsek went over to his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. 


“To show you what I plan,” he passed it to Tip Nick. 


“Ice cream?” Tip Nick looked up from the paper.  


“Yes. I thought it might be nice to add it to the menu.”

He took out another sheet. 


“You can still pay with energy today, but here,” he said to Tip Nick and then handed the sheet to her. “The information I ask, I do not believe, is too high a price.”

The question was so simple and small Tip Nick was definitely in a huff over nothing.

Interdimensional Marketing Survey
Do people in your universe like ice cream?

Thanks for submitting!

She quickly answered, relieved this was all that was asked.


Tip Nick had surely gotten testy because he needed breakfast. 


Mufarasek gently took the paper back from her. Tip Nick slammed a handful of energy bits on a desk that squiggled and jittered about. 

She got up.

"Thank you for the tea. It was quite comforting." 

"I'm delighted you liked it."


Mufarasek took a dice from a candelabrum and rolled it in front of them. The dice grew and grew until a single circle became large enough for them to walk through. 


Mufarasek bowed, “A pleasure.” 

Tip Nick glowered and walked past him towards the door. He stopped suddenly and turned, “Your name, I didn’t catch it.”


“Mufarasek the Most Certain, Lead Astrologer of Juxtopia Group. See you again soon.” With that Mufarasek smiled. It was the kind of smile a poker player might have, had they not simply counted cards, but had meticulously arranged the order of every card in the deck. 

dice door.png
Part 10 of 11
Just "roll" with it. 
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