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They finally came to what looked like a bar. There were bar stools, and even mundane wine bottles arranged on a back shelf. 


But the more she looked towards the back of the bar, there was a chair that seemed to re-arrange itself to get more comfortable.  Out of the corner of her eye one of the wine bottles had sprouted tentacles and wandered off. 


“Maybe we should sit towards the mean to start.”


As he said this, a gnat landed on her arm. As she looked down, she saw it was not a gnat, but a gnat-sized spaceship. Not finding whatever gnat-sized spaceships sought, it whizzed away to a galaxy encased in a snow globe above the bar. 


“Yes, that would probably be a good idea.” 

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Part 2 of 11
Got stuck? "Sit" with the problem of how to get through a little longer! 
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