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As she sat a whorl in the wooden bar opened a sleepy eye. It looked at her disdainfully, then moved a coaster on top of its eye and promptly went back to its slumber.  


Tip Nick handed her a beer. When she drank it, she swore it made a comment on her gum health. 

“Babbling Brook beer, and a rather judgmental vintage at that.” Tip Nick frowned, “Last time it gave me nice compliments on my smile. This time all it’s doing is criticizing my flossing technique.”


Tip Nick started to talk to the creature next to him, which looked like a large hexagon. As she looked at the creature his body blossomed into dozens of smaller hexagons, yet a second later seemed not to have changed at all. 

Tip Nick turned and whispered, “Fractal Fred. Multi-dimensional being constantly aware of how his body is simply tightly packed energy connected at different scales as it travels through time.” 


“Should we….try to cheer him up?” 


“God no. The last thing I want to do on a Friday night is talk about eternity. Let him drink and watch puppy-bunny videos. In a few hours he’ll be one-dimensional and tearing up the dance floor.”

A small ogre dressed perhaps like a Viking, should Vikings had survived long enough to invent latex, hoisted himself up to a chair next to her.


“A Cosmic Standard,” the ogre huffed at the bartender. 


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“I wonder what that is,” she mused aloud. 


“I see you obviously don’t know the first ingredient,” the ogre snapped at her. 


This got Tip Nick’s attention. But he did not defend her. Instead he seemed delighted at the newcomer’s arrival. 


“Ah, a Vikarian! A pleasure to meet you.”

The Vikarian puffed out his chest, “I am Percival the Slayer Perfectionist, first of my family. Should we meet in battle, you will be the last of yours.”


“Quite charmed to make your acquaintance. Are you headed to the Second Blood Wars or the Third?”


“Second? Third war? Don’t curse my kin thus!” there came an emphatic thud of glass on wood, and then wood on glass as the bar bumped the glass back at Percival and it nearly flew out of his hand. “Should I hurry in the quenching of my thirst, I can meet my brothers at the first skirmish.”

“Apologies, apologies. And you got here on a V80?”

“Why yes, fastest airship in the galaxy. You know your battleships?” Percival calmed at this. 


“Hardly. Bartender?” Tip Nick motioned, “Percival, your next round is on me. Now Alex, there is still many things to see this side of the galaxy so we must be off to see some of them.” 

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Part 3 of 11
Solve the question of the unknown cocktail ingredient to get a clue of where the next door is!
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