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Community Table 

Sit down to talk and eat with many different people. 

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This is a space for people who want to have tactical conversations on divisive issues to achieve tangible change, in a way that makes it ok to not be 100% right the first time. 

This is a place of openness, learning, and vulnerability. 

6 people may be seated at a time. 


1. Stay on audio only

2. Assume the best. Everyone has shown up to be better and grow. 

3. When angry, don't jump to the person is bad. Understand their experience, information, and context. This is the only way we build better systems. 

4. No interrupting. 


Some people might always be racist. A lot more are racist when faced with stressful decisions that are made quickly. 

How can we build in societal cues to convey "I have good intentions, let's talk about the different contexts we're approaching this situation before we act" into our everyday routines with different people? 

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