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A Generally Relevant 3 Dimensional Bar Tab

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Find how to sum all the squares to equal the one right answer. 
Select PAY to see if you're right!

“But how much do I owe?” She turned the cube this way and that. The numbers would not sit still long. Even when they did, they were not forthcoming as to how they might form a price. 


“The real question is how to pay. Do they want the bill in energy or matter? Management always changes it up. Implements a fee too to convert one from the other. Quite a racket if you ask me!”

“Maybe there is a waiter hanging about?” Tip Nick called to the wind. 


The wind promptly unwound a tiny creature and placed his hat on his head. The tiny creature looked like evolution had skipped from frog to rat and then maybe thought the water would be more preferable of the options. The rat-frog wore a frock with buttons and cuffs, as if he was on official business but also might want a nap. 

“Abberak, at your service,” the tiny rat-frog bobbed his head. 


“What will it be today Abberak, energy or matter?”


“Oh, well, sir, you see, the bar now deals in information.”


“Information! Why that’s quite preposterous! That is what makes this place great. Little information exchanged. Fewer consequences that way.”


Tip Nick bent down to look closer at the rat-frog. 


“New…new management sir.”


Tip Nick walked around the rat-frog, inspected him head to toe. The poor thing had quite burrowed himself between his hat and his scarf.


“Abberak, are you a Tattlerat with no tail to speak of?”


As Tip Nick spoke, what had first appeared to be Abberak’s scarf grew longer and was now quite obviously a tail. Abberak did not reply, for there were some things that were obviously true. Abberak was indeed a Tattlerat with a tale to tell, a long one at that, and it only got longer by the second. 


“Mu-must be going! Ma-many customers!” Abberak dipped his head in goodbye as the wind picked him up and twirled him away. 

Tip Nick grumbled and pulled out a pair of pincers and pinched around the air where Abberak had disappeared.  He latched on to a patch of air with an “Aha!”. He peeled the air back like a curtain to show a long, darkly lit corridor. 


“How about we have a word with the new management?”


air curtain.png
Part 8 of 11
When life doesn't give you doors, make your own from thin air. 
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